Surveillance Footage Used in Wisconsin Workers’ Comp Claim

A man on workers' compensation lifts heavy groceries and shovels snow while collecting benefits.

A man on workers’ compensation lifts heavy groceries and shovels snow while collecting benefits.

In this edition of Fraud Files we focus on a Wisconsin man on workers’ compensation who had over $1.2 million paid out for the claim in 5 years. Only video surveillance shows the injury isn’t all that severe. In the footage the man is seen chopping ice, shoveling snow and lifting groceries.

The man allegedly continued to receive ongoing pain management treatment from his Wisconsin doctor. Evidence later showed the doctor was billing $15,000-$20,000 a month for these treatments.

A judge found the insurance company was not liable for unpaid bills and stated they were not required to continue to pay for future treatments. Those unpaid bills amounted to over $250,000 and future medical expenses that were estimated as high as $11 million.


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Courtesy: WOIO

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Former NFL Player Sued Over Workers’ Comp Claims


Brad Culpepper (left) lining up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1995 and alongside his wife, Monica, during the 2013 TV series Survivor.

Former NFL player Brad Culpepper is being sued by his insurance company after he took part in the television show Survivor even though, due to his disability rating, insurers say he should have been physically unable to compete.

Insurers are stating that two years ago Culpepper received $175,000 in workers’ compensation due to his ”low back pain and stiffness” before appearing on the series in 2013 alongside his wife Monica. The insurance company found it interesting that, after taking the money, Culpepper popped up on the hit CBS show Survivor looking anything but disabled or in pain. 


According to a civil lawsuit, Culpepper told doctors of “low back pain and stiffness which is almost always present,” and said he had “quite a bit of difficulty… getting into or out of the bath and performing heavy activities around his home.”

Yet, on the Survivor episode, aired in 2013 and filmed on a remote island in the Philippines, Culpepper leads his team through a series of strenuous tasks: paddling a canoe, diving under water repeatedly, retrieving large crates and stacking them on the shore.

 In this video clip, Culpepper shows ABC News correspondent Brian Ross the injuries he claims have led to permanent pain and disability.

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