NICB West Region Task Forces – Vehicle Recovery Numbers January 2019


NICB’s West Region Auto Theft Task Forces have impressive numbers to report for the month of January. These task forces, from California, Nevada, Hawaii, and Arizona, are made up of local, county, and state law enforcement, along with agents from the NICB.

During the month of January, 11 separate Vehicle Task Forces in these four states recovered a total of 467 stolen vehicles (and assisted with 49 stolen vehicle recoveries), for a total recovery value of $4,830,934.

In addition to recovering stolen vehicles and helping return them to their rightful owners, these teams made auto theft related arrests, initiated vehicle theft investigations, conducted vehicle inspections, parole and probation searches, business inspections, conducted insurance fraud related criminal investigations, investigated a chop shop, and assisted other law enforcement agencies.

NICB West Region Task Force Activity for 2018


*Article updated 1/29/19 with new numbers from additional task force reporting.

The NICB West Region Auto Theft Task Force numbers for 2018 show an impressive number of stolen vehicle recoveries. The West Region includes the states of California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Nevada, and the task forces include NICB employees, along with local, county, and state law enforcement.

Totals from 11 separate task forces reveal in 2018, 5,354 stolen vehicles were recovered. The value of those recovered vehicles adds up to $49,739,260.00.

Vehicle recoveries are just one part of the task forces workload. They also assist with investigations, arrests, searches, inspections, uncovering chop shops, training, and much more.


Insurance Fraud Headlines for May 13, 2015


Here are the top insurance fraud stories for today:

* Egg Harbor man who allegedly staged accident pleads not guilty to fraud (

* Woman faces charges after claiming her storage unit was burglarized (WAFB TV)

* Bucks County DA gets insurance fraud unit (WFMZ News)

* Police Charge Firefighter in Insurance Fraud Investigation (Insurance Journal)

* Auto theft, insurance fraud are focus of LI police conference (Newsday)

* Insurance Fraud May Not Be What You Think It Is (Yousefian Law)


How One Association Is Working to Stop Fraud In Its Tracks


The following is from an article written by Susan Besze Wallace for FORUM Magazine.

Like the accident, the phone call seemed to come out of nowhere. It was just a fender bender. Luckily no one was injured by the texting teen’s failure to stop her car, but the man who dialed within days of the incident told the owner of the bumped bumper that she was entitled to $10,000 for her accident. “But I’m not hurt,” she said. “It doesn’t matter,” he dangled. “I can get you up to $10,000.” “But nothing is wrong,” she explained. He paused a moment, waiting for a spark of interest. It wasn’t coming. Click.

On this day, the man wouldn’t find someone willing to perpetrate fraud for some quick cash. Instead, he found the wife of the police chief in Hialeah, Fla., a hotbed for insurance fraud and the site of one of seven major medical fraud task forces recently established by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

“Some people think that in these economic times, ‘Why shouldn’t I get $10,000 if I can?’” says Hialeah Police Chief Mark Overton. “Criminals are appealing to greed and need. They think, ‘Who does it hurt?’ But it hurts us all.”

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