Insurance Fraud Headlines for April 24, 2015

FraudApril24Here are today’s top insurance fraud stories:

* Man Involved in Multi-State Theft Ring Faces New Charge (Insurance News)

* Florida Man convicted of insurance fraud (Command Investigations)]

* Poughkeepsie man charged with insurance fraud (MidHudson News)

* Woman pleads guilty to forgery, insurance fraud (TribLIVE)

* Alleged Theft Ring Mastermind Faces New Insurance Fraud Charge (TriState)


NICB News: VIN Clones, Car Crashes and Multistate Theft Rings

In this edition of NICB News we take a look at some very real car crashes that show claims experts how to spot possible fraudulent claims; we look at a VIN cloning case that caught an innocent buyer off guard; and we’ll hear about the latest efforts to tighten anti-fraud laws in Minnesota.

County Purchases Stolen Heavy Equipment Tied to an Alleged Theft Ring

HeavyEquipmentTheftRingEarlier this month we reported on an alleged theft ring that exposed over $1.5 million in stolen heavy equipment in Evansville, IN. WEHT-TV in Henderson, KY has an update on this case with an interesting twist. According to reporter, Jordan Vandenberge, the county Fiscal Court ‘unknowingly’ purchased stolen equipment that was allegedly tied to the $1.5 million heavy equipment theft ring.

The video showcases some major warning signs the county missed when purchasing the items. This includes purchasing them from Habermel Equipment which was neither a company or a group.

Questions in Union County