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Headquartered in Des Plaines, Ill., the NICB is the nation’s leading not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to preventing, detecting and defeating insurance fraud and vehicle theft through data analytics, investigations, training, legislative advocacy and public awareness. The NICB is supported by nearly 1,100 property and casualty insurance companies and self-insured organizations. NICB member companies wrote about $320 billion in insurance premiums in 2010, or approximately 80 percent of the nation’s property/casualty insurance. That includes 94 percent ($152 billion) of the nation’s personal auto insurance. To learn more visit www.nicb.org

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Moderation Policy:

The appearance of external links on this site is not an official endorsement on behalf of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (hereafter NICB). Moderation of the NICB Blog will take place between the hours of 8AM to 4PM (CDST), Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

Please do not use the NICB Blog to report fraud.  Anyone with information concerning vehicle theft and insurance fraud can report it anonymously by calling toll-free 1-800-TEL-NICB (1-800-835-6422), texting keyword “fraud” to TIP411 (847411) or by visiting our web site at www.nicb.org.  


Purpose of the NICB Blog:

This is a discussion forum; it is not a channel for bullying or ranting. While it is our intention to never ban individuals from our NICB Blog, if content becomes abusive or inflammatory, we will remove that content and block the offending users so as to allow constructive and beneficial conversations.

While this is an open forum, it is also a family friendly one, so please keep your comments and posts free of profane language and/or situations. In addition to keeping it family friendly, we ask that you follow our posting guidelines. If you do not comply, your message will be removed.

We hope you will never have cause to complain about the NICB, but we’re open to any and all feedback. Because of the privacy needs surrounding the work that we do, we will ask you to send us appropriate details in a private channel such as email. Please be aware that we cannot discuss personal and private matters in a public channel such as the NICB  Blog.

Posting Guidelines:

  • The NICB reserves the right to review all comments before such comments appear on the NICB Blog.
  • Posts that are blatantly off topic may be removed.
  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Posts containing personally identifiable information may  be removed. This includes, but is not limited to: names, address, telephone numbers, email addresses.
  • We do not allow graphic, obscene, explicit or racial comments or
    submissions nor do we allow comments that are abusive, hateful or
    intended to defame anyone or any organization.
  • We do not allow solicitations or advertisements. This includes
    promotion or endorsement of any financial, commercial or nongovernmental agency.
  • We do not allow attempts to defame or defraud any financial, commercial or non-governmental agency.
  • We do not allow “bumping” content:  posts that serve to
    repeat existing issues and bring them to the top of the wall.
  • You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for
    your comments, your username and any information provided.

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