Cargo Theft Brought to Alabama Legislature

The Alabama legislature is considering a bill that would create a specific offense for cargo theft. Senate Bill 127 recognizes the impact that cargo theft has across the entire socio-economic spectrum.

cargo-theft1Cargo theft is a major national crime problem which adds to the cost of merchandise, food and transportation. Stolen food and pharmaceuticals pose a real health hazard and these commodities, along with electronics, continue to be the favorite target among cargo thieves.

It’s not hard to imagine the health implications for innocent consumers who unknowingly buy stolen food or drugs, which have been improperly stored or contaminated as they moved through the illicit commerce stream, believing that they are getting safe and secure products.

NICB produced a public service announcement describing the impact of cargo theft and it has been airing on radio and television stations across the nation. It is available here

NICB urges the Alabama legislature to pass SB 127 and provide law enforcement and prosecutors with a valuable tool in the fight against cargo theft. 

80 thoughts on “Cargo Theft Brought to Alabama Legislature

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