NICB People, Passion, Purpose – Part IV

Did you know that analytical units are one of the fastest growing units within the insurance industry today?

NICB’s Data Analytics team is a dynamic group comprised of strategic, tactical, and statistical analysts, who each wear a variety of hats.

Tactical analysts coordinate with case agents to tailor analytical support for each individual case’s needs. Strategic analysts mine vast datasets to identify significant claim activity indicative of fraud for investigation by both NICB and its individual members. Statistical analysts compile national campaigns such as the NICB ‘Hot Wheels’ and ‘Hot Spots’ reports, in addition to providing the individual Member Benefit reports.

Our team is fortunate to have direct contact with our members and strives for two way communication to ensure we provide quality work products for all we serve. Our department contributes to the majority of what is published by NICB, not only for members, but the public as well. Chances are, if there is a report or presentation with data, graphs, charts, or maps, Data Analytics was involved. In today’s world, advanced technology has led to new ways to commit fraud. Our analysts are technically savvy, and continually evolve their skills to identify new groups and new fraud trends as they emerge. Having been with NICB 13 years, I have seen a lot of change in the way we combat fraud. I consider myself lucky to be a part of today’s team of analysts. They are bright and committed, and watch out fraudsters. They are also very determined.